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17.2: "The Winchesters'" Finale - The Monster Club Story

January 10, 2024 Season 2 Episode 17
The Fangirl Business: A Supernatural Podcast
17.2: "The Winchesters'" Finale - The Monster Club Story
Show Notes

In this episode, Chrisha and Catherine catch up on what's been going on behind the scenes with each other, the writers' and actors' strikes and victories, the ongoing trash-fires at networks and streamers, and their gratitude to folks behind The Winchesters for giving fans a thoughtful and healing ending. 

The main part of the episode focuses on the various members of the Monster Club:

Mary: Her similarities with the Akrida Queen's backstory and how her journey of healing led to different outcomes; her time in the portal and the impact of seeing all possible versions of herself; her decision to go with John at the end and the importance of Mary being the one to make that decision; and her journey from being trapped to living in freedom.

John: His decision to address his anger and work on healing it; his state of being completely lost after he arrived home from Vietnam, and the importance of Dean and Henry's letter; the healing that's happened in his relationship with Millie; and his transition from running towards danger to running towards hope.

Lata: Her immediate decision to put everything else aside to figure out how to help Ada; her strength/perceptiveness while under the control of Akrida Kyle; the way her attack on Joan complicates her pacifism; her importance in building community; & her journey from feeling less-than because of her pacifism to understanding her importance.

Carlos: His immediate and ongoing Dean thirst; his voyage from needing to be the front man to being part of the band; his affection for Ada and the important role he played in stopping her from jumping the gun with the crystal; and his role in saving the day by figuring out how to bring Baby back out of the world between worlds.

Millie: Her new communicative relationship with John; her continued strength, and the insight and help she brings as a mechanic to the Monster Club; and her care and concern for his relationship with Mary.

Ada: The loss and restoration of her soul; the importance of her openness about the sacrifice the crystal requires; and the way the Monster Club rallies around her, supports her, and protects her in a way that we think she isn't used to.

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